Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Mitten Humbles Me

I finished my first-ever mitten!! I was feeling kind of proud of myself as I worked through the mitten. It was looking really good.

The thumb is the last step. Oh, boy. I found that part a tad confusing. And I realized halfway through, it was turning out inside-out. How did I do that?? I don't even know. It's a beautiful thumb INSIDE the mitten, but on the outside it's the wrong side out. Looks like a thumb that was hit by a hammer.

Well, I will try to make the same mistake on the second mitten, so they match. Maybe someone will think it was intentional. You think so? Hahaha.. just goes to show, don't feel too proud of yourself while working on a new challenge until you get to the very end.


Anonymous said...

Of course it was a design decision! :-)
I think that happens when you pick up and quilt in the wrong direction. I did it on a sock once.

joe tulips said...

That is a special talent right there...being able to knit inside out. I am impressed with your knitting. I couldn't do a mitten, right side or inside out.

Carol E. said...

Joe T: LOL