Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I am Six and Eating Noodles

This morning when my husband left for work, I was still in bed. He came to say goodbye, and I told him, "I'm six, and I'm eating noodles with butter and crinkle-cut carrots." I was so excited about it, too! I remember telling him that, but don't remember much else. About an hour and a half later I woke up, and I was soooo groggy! It took me a long time to fully wake up. Why are some mornings like that?

I'm so lucky that I'm retired and can have mornings like that. I didn't force myself to wake up, just went with it. Had a lazy morning. I had intended to go to the gym, but I was too groggy for that. So by about 11:00 AM I was finally awake and got ready for work.

Worked a nice 3-hour shift; the time went very quickly today. Then I went to the gym after work instead of before. I am trying hard to be a regular at the gym. There is no reason to NOT go. I'm feeling good, and the work-out (mostly the treadmill, once in a while the elliptical) feels just about right, with an occasional increase in distance or time. I guess it's working out OK for me. In answer to some previous questions, the gym I go to is so convenient, and it's not full of skinny, tight-clothed aerobic princesses. It's a nice variety of regular people -- my neighbors. I fit right in, especially because I can go during the day, there are other oldies like me there as well.

Lately I have not been in a sewing mood, so I have been knitting instead. I have nothing new to show, however, since I showed you my funny mitten. I have not yet started Mitten #2. I have also been reading.. started a book yesterday and finished it today. It was short.

One reason I'm not in a sewing mood is the state of my sewing room. It's a mess! Yesterday, to add to it, Mr. Cat decided to jump up onto my sewing table when I was in the middle of something. I was telling him "no! no!" but he insisted on coming to "help." I tried to shoo him out of the way, he tried to run in the opposite direction, chaos ensued, and several boxes and piles of things went flying. I just didn't have it in me to clean it all up. So it's even worse now. I know once I attack it and get things put away I will once again feel motivated to sew.

I desperately need a haircut! I could go tomorrow, but a storm is coming, and they are predicting a foot of snow. Can you believe it?? Happy April, everyone. The good news is, April snows never last long. It'll melt soon, and we need the moisture.

I bought a few zillion balls of cotton yarn on sale at Michael's .. only 99 cents through this Saturday .. perfect for home-made dish cloths.

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