Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quilt Show Photos

Last Friday afternoon I had an Adventure Day all to myself. I headed out on a 35-mile journey to see a quilt show. I already showed you the raffle quilt which I declared I should win. Hmmm... the drawing was Saturday afternoon, and it is now Sunday afternoon, and I have received no phone call. Maybe they're just busy and will call me on Monday.

Well, before arriving at the quilt show, I had to turn around in the parking lot of a little strip mall. My hair had really been bothering me, and I desperately needed a haircut. While turning around, I saw one of those cheap, walk-ins-welcome type of haircut places. I decided to stop in .. what harm could they do? I just wanted a couple inches chopped off. The haircut, which I thought would be simple, took an hour. And when it was done, I looked ridiculous. Looked like she had put a bowl on my head and cut around the bottom.

Well, what could I do? Off I went to the quilt show. It was beautiful. Here are pictures of some of the quilts:

selvage edges wrapped around a big ball.. or just wrapped to become a big ball. I'm not sure which.

note to JS: this one was made by your friend, Sandy

After the show I called the person I usually go to for haircuts. What had possessed me to go elsewhere? I asked her for an appointment to fix a bad haircut. I was embarrassed to admit where I had gone. Well, she managed to fix me up, so I now look presentable. Lesson learned.

Here is a photo of the purse I bought at the quilt show. So pretty! And now it is lighter, because I ended up having to pay for two haircuts.


BrendaLou said...

loved the Dear Jane...I made one in traditional Civil Wars and have two more started. I'm hooked.

Anonymous said...

I love quilt shows up close and personal; second best are virtual ones. Thanks for the highlights! Love that first one.

Diane Wild said...

Is that first quilt pictured a Judy Niemeyer design? I'm heading to a show on Sat. Love all that inspiration. Thanks for sharing and stay away from back-ally hair butchers.

Nann said...

Sorry about the haircut mishap! Thank goodness it was only a cut and not a color or perm or something. A quilt show was the perfect way to lift your spirits. Thanks for sharing the photos. (But what's with that ball o' selvedges?)