Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finished Quilts and Knits!

I have been finishing like crazy lately. It's so much fun to have things DONE! It's unusual for me to be motivated in the finishing department. My favorite is the creating and designing... after that it goes downhill. So when inspiration calls, I must take heed!

It started with the orange quilt that I posted on Thursday. Then I finished all these items:

This is one of my favorite scrap quilts. I love how it turned out. I plan to donate this to one of the H2H challenges -- probably Quilts Beyond Borders (see my sidebar for H2H information).

Not my favorite, it's not very kid-friendly. I added the ice cream cone fabric in an attempt to make it seem more kid appropriate. I hope some kid likes it. I bought the blocks on e-bay and then wondered why I had done that. Live and learn. This one goes to Wrap Them in Love.

I went to an excellent meeting on Saturday where I finished knitting this dish cloth while listening.

This hat and scarf will go to Craft Hope for the Roma project (see my sidebar).

I would have finished more quilts, but I ran out of batting. The closest batting store is putting it on sale starting this Wednesday, so I'll be able to get a big chunk at a good price and do MORE finishing! I hope my inspiration for finishing lasts that long.

Click HERE to see other H2H quilts in progress.

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Anonymous said...

C,I could have sworn I left a comment for your Didn't want to Iron Twice post. I loved the colors on that quilt! Maybe I thought I left a comment and never actually did, or else it was my iPad acting up. Sometimes that happens. I think I was drawn to the orange in that quilt.