Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Goings-On In My World

Lately we have had some fun times at my women's group at church. (I'm co-president this year, which is an improvement from being president all by myself in the past.) First event was a sewing day. We had about a dozen women, and we had lots of fun. We sewed school bags for kits that will be sent to places in need around the world. These bags, filled with school supplies, have gone to Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and other places in Africa, also Haiti and even the USA after Hurricane Katrina. I've heard that the presence of these school bags, filled with supplies, can make the difference between a kid going to school or not going.

Next up... a cooking lesson in how to make authentic enchiladas. Very fun, and delicious, I might add.

Another event was the delivery of the quilt I made for my hubby's 100 year-old aunt. She was very sleepy, so I didn't stay long. I talked with her a little bit. She claims that I knew her sister much better than she did. (This is the same sister with whom she was "inseparable" last time we chatted.) I read to her a little bit. That just put her to sleep, which wasn't hard to do on this visit. I'm getting educated on life in nursing homes as I hang out with Aunt Dot.

The other thing going on around here is SEWING. Are you surprised? I also managed to finish reading a book today.

I'm not crazy about this quilt; even less so after I added the borders. I was going to make interesting, pieced borders, but I got lazy. Hopefully the quilting will improve the like-ability of this quilt.

I recently purchased (very cheaply) a bag of already-made Ohio Stars. I made a couple of my own, and voila - a bunch of projects ready to go. These will be baby quilts and doll quilts once they make it through the finishing steps.

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