Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Books: Books for Middle School

I bought a book written for middle-school aged kids. I am thinking of giving it to the kid I tutor, and I wanted to read it before I give it as a gift, just to make sure it is good enough.

I read it in a day and loved it. The book is Once by Morris Gleitzman. It's about a 9-year-old boy during the Holocaust. You can read my review in the Goodreads shelf in my sidebar. Just put your mouse on the "Once" icon and click. It'll show you my review.

There are more books that come after this one: they are called "Then", "Now", and "After". I don't know if I will read them all, but I will if they are all as good as "Once"... I ordered "Then" from Amazon (for 4 cents) and put a hold at the library on "Now." I'll wait on "After" and see if I want to keep following the story to its complete end.

All I know for now is, I gave "Once" five stars. It wouldn't be too hard to start a Who's on First kind of conversation with these titles of Then, Now, After, etc etc. I'll spare you.

The photo above is the young man who coordinates tutors in the school where I tutor once a week. He was hired through AmeriCorps. He does a great job. This is a picture of him during his spring break trip to Mississippi -- reading (and the stone-faced man seems very interested, doesn't he?)! Good for him!

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