Sunday, November 25, 2012

This, That and the Other Thing

Sky on Fire on Thanksgiving Eve

I was very disappointed this week. Hubby and I went out for dinner; that was nice. After dinner we did our usual routine: stop at McDonald's on R Street. They're the only one left that we know of that still serves chocolate ice cream. We always order two twist cones at the drive-up. It's our own little fun tradition at the end of a date.

Well, doomsday has arrived. I should have known it was coming. They no longer have chocolate ice cream at the McDonald's on R Street! Arrgghhh! I have been following chocolate ice cream at McDonald's for several years. There was one near where I used to work, on M Street, that served chocolate. When they stopped carrying chocolate ice cream, I asked the drive-through person to tell the manager how utterly disappointed I was.

There is a town on the way to Grandma's house. McDonald's is right off the freeway. They served chocolate ice cream. A twist cone was just the right little treat when we were on our way back home and needed a little break. They stopped serving chocolate about a year ago.

I was so hoping that R Street knew they had a loyal fan club who went there just for their chocolate ice cream, and would never let us down. Alas, the day has come. I am without a chocolate-serving McDonald's in my life. (And don't suggest a dip cone. Those are nowhere near as good as twist cones.)

We can still get twist cones at Dairy Queen, but they're not as good. I probably won't even waste a trip to DQ to get one. Well... we might have to give it a try, to see if it's up to our twist cone standards. I have my doubts.

As you can see, life is pretty tough around here.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. I didn't over-eat as much as I could have. I certainly didn't go hungry. The food was wonderful, and all 27 of us gobbled it up. There were no leftovers! Can you believe it? My 91-year old mom made four pies which didn't last long. She's the queen of superb home-made pies.

Hubby helped get some junky gunk programs off my computer, so now it runs much better. Yay for computer-savvy husbands!

Haven't had much time for sewing or knitting. I'm coming up on a busy week.. so won't have much free time. Oh! I did manage to make two house blocks and found/assembled a couple other orphan blocks which I will send this week to Love Laugh Quilt. I forgot to take a picture of the blocks before I wrapped them up for mailing! Darn.

Today at church, Pastor P. reminded us to be grateful for all the little things (and the big things). I remembered that I used to do this gratitude list at my blog. It helps me remember how great life is and centers me a little. So I'm going to try to run this list again on my blog. Prediction: it'll be sporadic. It's there when it's there.


1. Pastor P. and M&M who helped S. with communion today.

2. comfy, happy times at home with Charles, watching football or just hanging out

3. great books! I'm currently reading The Round House by Louise Erdrich. LOVING it and already mourning that it must eventually come to an end.

4. skylight above my desk. I sometimes can see the beautiful moon in the sky as I work or play on the computer.

5. my good job. I love it there. Nice people, nice management, nice environment. Lucky me!


Beth said...

I have that book! Havent started it! It is the book read for Twin Cities Live. Mari and I talked about the author when we went out to dinner!

Karen O said...

I know a couple of places in the Twin Cities that might still have chocolate. I have had the same happen to me. One by one...and their chocolate soft serve is one of the best I have ever had other than at the Rochester Convention Center for the Quilt Show last June.

AnnieO said...

It is disappointing when things you enjoy are no longer available! Hope you find another Mickey D's that has what you like. I can't say I've ever had a cone from there..

27 for Thanksgiving is a lot of food and a lot of family. We only had 10 this year and it was so tiny!

A gratitude list is a good thing.

Sextant said...

I was going to tell you to go to Ritas, Italian Ice and get a choc/van twist frozen custard. Yummy! Unfortunately God has not graced the Land of 1000 Lakes with Ritas. The closest is either Tennessee or Ohio. Alas!