Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Few Things

There's a neighborhood party going on over at Love Laugh Quilt. Here are the rules, in brief: make two house blocks. Send them to LLQ. Someone (or more than one) will win a pile of house blocks to make your own quilt. LLQ will keep the extras to make quilts for charity. These days there are so many people in need of quilty hugs.. there are always people in need, and lately there seem to be so many more: wildfires in the Southwest, hurricane in the Northeast, and we're coming up on the cold time of year when no one should be without a warm blankie. If you agree, go over to LLQ and see if you want to play along with the neighborhood party.

Here is my first house block. It has a long name: House of Leaves in Low Volume Neighborhood on the Beach. It's hard to tell, but I did a bit of curved sewing of the blue on the bottom, trying to make it look "beachy," but I was only slightly successful. Tonight I plan to make another couple of house blocks to send for the charity quilts.

Now I am sure you are wondering why I wore these crazy socks, and even more.. why photograph them? Well, there are sad things going on. A colleague of mine at work had brain surgery last year. They were hoping that would solve her problems, but it did not. She had brain surgery again this week. I'm not even sure what her condition is, except she experiences a lot of pain, and they are hoping the surgeries will relieve the pain and give her a bearable existence. On the day of her surgery we wore crazy socks just to celebrate HER and to keep her in our thoughts while we worked. She is out of surgery and recovering, but she has a long road ahead of her.

I also wore the socks to keep my friend, D., in mind. She had a hysterectomy and they found that she has cancer, and it had spread to the lymph nodes. This scares me, and I am praying for a full recovery for her. I hope wearing crazy socks will help these two wonderful women who have serious health concerns right now.

Isn't this a pretty Barbie dress?? I bought it on e-Bay. (I added the piece of lace to be her shawl.) It is going into our collection of Christmas gifts for families in need (at church). The agency asked for Barbie doll clothes and for baby doll blankets. I have been making the blankets, and I bought a few cute outfits on e-Bay. This one was my fave.

The last photo shows some boys who were out riding bikes today. It was a beautiful, warm day here... unseasonably warm. People were golfing, playing in parks, riding bikes, and behaving as if it were summer! I made sure I got our outdoor Christmas lights put up, because tomorrow the North Wind is going to swoop in here and remind us that winter is right around the corner. It'll be about 30 degrees colder by tomorrow evening. Brrr!

Stay warm, enjoy a happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating the day with us in the USA, and if you can, make a couple of house blocks to play the Neighborhood game.

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Maria said...

Love your house block you made to add to the neighbourhood.
Sent my today along with orphan blocks...