Thursday, November 01, 2012

Voting for Quilts is on Now!

mine is #330... just in case you were wondering.

It's almost but not yet time to vote for president here in the USofA, but anyone in the entire world can vote for your favorite quilts right now! The Blogger's Fall 2012 Quilt Festival voting has begun. You must vote by November 4!

You can vote for your favorite in several categories, AND vote for your one Favorite Of All (Viewers' Choice). Use the form at the link below to vote in Categories, and go to the link for Viewers' Choice to vote for your Fave.

Here is a link to the Categories form:


And here is a link to vote for your all-over Favorite: (scroll down to the thumbnail pictures)


Have fun! There are over 600 gorgeous quilts to choose from!

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Sextant said...

Well I think I voted. Not easy sledding. Those sites are very complicated.