Sunday, November 04, 2012

Barbie Doll Clothes - Yikes!

I decided to make some Barbie Doll clothes. Our neighborhood social service agency to whom we (at church) give Christmas gifts, asked for Barbie doll clothes. They get a lot of dolls donated, but not many clothes. So I thought I'd give it a try.

This outfit is made from a sock. The heel part became her chest front. I thought this turned out kinda cute! If Barbie is out on the beach and gets a little chilly, she can put on her shawl:

Then I made a more modest top, also from a sock.. not so form fitting, for the Barbie who doesn't want to be stared at. (I did not make the pants.)

This head scarf is for a Muslim Barbie. Her dress is just some fabric wrapped around her body for photographing purposes:

Then came the more difficult and failed attempt at making a dress. I was even going to try sleeves, but quickly gave up on that. Here is her dress, with belt. I am not going to finish this off or give it to a child. It's too messy. Boy, Barbie clothes are hard with all those tiny openings.

I decided it might be easier to find some clothes made more professionally, so I went to Ebay and found a whole range of really cute Barbie outfits. Prices range from 99 cents to nearly $40.00.. I bid on a few and will gladly buy those rather than try to make them myself. Although I did also bid on a pattern. Maybe with a pattern I could make some that are presentable.


Anonymous said...

You are brave!
I made Barbie doll clothes for my girls, but never again! I'd buy and donate them first!
Yours look great!

Sextant said...

Nice work. Your dress looks fine, and I imagine it is very difficult to get them scaled down that small.

Hannah Haas said...

Cool! I like e shawl the best. You didn't make it, did you?

Carol E. said...

Hannah, no, I did not make the shawl other than cutting that piece of lace to be the appropriate size. Thanks for visiting.