Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Costume That Wasn't

Last week I showed you the loopy-doopy scarf I bought at our church boutique. I told you it would be my Halloween costume, hinting that it would reveal something... well, here is how I had intended to wear my scarves:

This costumne reveals some of my pant legs. Nothing scandalous, if you were thinking that's what I meant.. no way!

I work in a video call center, and we have to look professional in our video view. But the video does not show our legs, so we decided to have a Fancy Feet contest on Halloween. I went to work and saw that very few people were participating. A couple people were wearing slippers, and that's all I saw.

I felt too conspicuous walking around in these flashy leggings, so I took them off and just wore my mismatched socks, shoes, and some old political buttons.

Turns out I was the chicken in the group. I should have gone with my original plan. I forgot that our place is open 24/7 and that some of the costumes had appeared during other shifts when I was not there. Pictures were taken of them all, and prizes bestowed on winners. Since mine ended up being blah, I only made it to Honorary Mention (nice words for "participation prize" which equalled nothing).

I'm not saying these fancy scarves on my legs would have been a winner, but just that I ended up losing by falling prey to peer pressure.

Just thought I should finish this story that I started when I hinted at my "revealing" Halloween costume made of scarves.

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Sextant said...

That wasn't last week, that was two weeks ago that you showed us the scarf with the promise of it being used in some revealing way.

For two weeks my fevered imagination has cranked out sensual day dreams of a revealed you in this sexy garb. And here it is...your pant legs. My heart flutters in delight! My droll imaginings had envisioned something mundane such as cleavage, but no pant are sultry genius.

Too bad you lacked the courage! Very inventive.