Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My first-ever clothespin dolls! Really fun to make......... but they left me with a glue mess on my fingertips.


Julie Sharer said...

Too cute for words!!! I hope you'll make some for my future about 10 or 15 years!!!!! :-)

Pat said...

All your toys are so cute! and lovable!

I went to the Toy Society blog but couldn't figure out how to drop a toy by me...maybe when I have more time...I can look more :)

Dropping toys is a wonderful 'thing' you are doing :)

Vivian said...

My daughters have to read the Toy Society blog. I'm proud of them. They enjoy doing good deeds and favors without expecting a face-to-face thank you. They often have spare time, and they're both crafty. I think this is the perfect project for them. Your toys are a hoot, as my mom would say. Love em!