Monday, June 15, 2009

Crow Creek, Day One

We're here! We made it safely. We are living in a dorm at Crow Creek Tribal High School in Stephan, South Dakota. Today we helped wash walls in preparation for painting. We met a little girl named Holly. She has been hanging around with us and is quite the cutie. I gave her one of my toys, and I also gave her a quilt I brought along. She seemed quite pleased.

We are taking an afternoon break and resting our legs. Amazing how tiring it has been to wash walls all day long. Having a blast and already learning LOTS. I'm so glad I came.

More later, if I can squeeze in some internet time.


Kim said...

Well, this journey may just get your started on that journey to personal fitness. Washing walls is hard work, lol, and those drips that go down the arms are the pits - no pun intended. What a lucky little girl to be gifted with one of your toys and a quilt that she will no doubt cherish as she remembers that really nice lady who came to wash the walls...all day long!! :o)

Sara said...

Welcome to South Dakota. I live about 90 miles southeast of Stephan - Mitchell.

I'm sure your mission group is being welcomed by the community. And Holly will treasure that quilt. Quilting is an important skill in the Sioux community. Hope you get to see some of their star quilts and hear the stories of the ladies who make them.

Enjoy South Dakota - if it ever stops raining!

JJ said...

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers that your trip will be rewarding as well as fun for your group.
Hugs Jan Mac