Sunday, June 07, 2009

Almost Done!

I have TWO - count 'em - TWO days of work left! Hooray!!! I am quite excited. Summer! Yippee! Summer! I feel like Tigger, doing a Happy Dance.

I had a nice Sunday... some socializing, some quiet, watched a movie, did some sewing... all in all a fun day.

These are little baby blankies another woman and I made. I will take them with me to Crow Creek Reservation when we go on our mission trip next week.

These 4 were made by Other Woman.

These 6 were made by me.

The blankies and our mission team received a special blessing this morning in church.

We had harp music at church today! I love it!

This is the face of Tommy Turtle. I showed you his picture yesterday, but he wanted a closer, face-to-face meeting, to wish you a happy week.

I'm thankful for:

1) the way this list of thankfulness really helps me focus on the happiness in life and not so much on negativity - and a blog reader told me it helps her, too! That is super cool!

2) music

3) wedding-planning meetings with our son and future DIL. Such exciting times!

4) warm sweatshirts

5) excitement about our upcoming mission trip.... and the chance to hang out with some nice people from my church.


Nanci said...

How generous you are! I think a bunch of those turtles attached to the blankets would be loved by little people!

True Blue Nana said...

So many exciting things going on in your life. Your mission trip sounds so interesting. I can't wait for you to tell us about it. I have always been drawn to American Indians and their problems.

Julie Sharer said...

Howdy Carolita!
This blog especially excited, your 2 remaining days of school. I can completely relate to your excitement! Two, I love your baby blankies, especially the gorgeous purple one! Wow! Three, did you know that I've always wished I could play the harp?? Four, I also think turtles are cool and love your newest toy. Five, your mission trip! So glad you've found another cool outlet for your compassion and generosity. Six, I'm just blessed to have you as my VBF!!

Carol E. said...

Nana, I'll explain the mission trip soon. Julie, thanks for being excited by all the stuff on my blog! You rock. I had no idea you lusted after the harp. I would love to play the bassoon. Maybe we can play duets. hahaha!