Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Random Photos

I got these photos from the City of St Paul website. I just thought I'd share some random views of this wonderful city.

First is a tanker fire on the freeway. Wow! Can you imagine being anywhere near this? Makes me hot just to look at the picture.

This is a neighborhood fire. Another wow! I really heart fire-fighters. I would not have the courage to be one!

Here are some fire fighters getting trained in cold water rescue. Another wow. They have to know so many things!
Here's a pretty picture.. in the background is the St. Paul Hotel. That top part is the penthouse where President Clinton once stayed. It is also the hotel where my dad took my mom for dinner on Valentine's Day, 1941 or '42, and proposed to her.

There was a section in the photos folder called Search Warrant, accompanied by pictures of a few residences. Hmmm.... makes me curious. What went down at this place?

Here are some people enjoying summer in Rice Park, downtown St. Paul.

Every winter St. Paul hosts a Winter Carnival (the coolest celebration on earth)! Here is part of the Winter Carnival parade. I love marching bands!

Isn't this beautiful? This is downtown St Paul with Christmas lights. The dark space beyond the lights is the Mississippi River. The building on the right is condos where I once fantasized about living. Just think -- I might have ended up with this as my "front yard" view.

So that is your small glimpse of St Paul and some of the activities that go on here. What activities take place in your town?


Melissa said...

I L-O-V-E the Christmas Lights in that park during the winter! It is my favorite thing! I'm always in awe of how they get so many lights on those trees.

Mary said...

We stayed at the St. Paul hotel a couple summers ago, it was a very nice weekend and I loved the park just steps outside the door...and the library too.

Haven't made it to Winter Carnival yet, we tend to stay here in MPLS, in fact, I've only been to St. Paul twice since we moved here.