Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cold and Warm Events of the Day

1) Son, future DDIL, and her father ('G'), who will perform their wedding ceremony later this summer, all came to our back yard to get a look at where the wedding will take place. 'G' wanted to be able to visualize and begin planning the choreography, see where the sun will be, what the sounds might be. They weren't here long, and it was fun to see them. It was just a little drizzly and wet - so far not too bad.

2) Second event: I was one of several volunteers from church to help run a moon-walk bouncy house at an outdoor community event. The forecast was for all-day rain, and they were right-on with the forecast. By the time we got all set up (with an alternate game because of the rain), it was raining a true soaker, with gusts of wind, and it was C-O-L-D! We knew there would be very few kids outdoors on a day like this. We volunteers sat shivering in quilts and jackets and waited for time to pass. Amazing how tiring it can be to sit outside on a freezing-cold day.

These little boys were in the shelter, teeth chattering after having played baseball in the rain. I let them warm up in one of my quilts. So cute!

A very enjoyable band, Century Brass, performed in the shelter. There was one lone woman under an umbrella watching them, in addition to me moving in and out, taking pictures. Good music! Music in the cold! Yum!

A couple of brave children getting rained on while they play our game, Plinko.

3) A third option of the day - attend a retirement party of a long-time friend - held in a city park. Today? After being out in the rain already for so long? No, thanks. I don't know if the park she was in even has a shelter. It was too cold to think about going to another outdoor event. She'll understand why we missed it. Brrrrr!

4) I came home, lit a fire in the fireplace, put on dry, wool socks and slippers, a dry sweatshirt, cuddled under a quilt, and took a LONG nap. I had turned on the TV during the first inning of the Twins-Mariners baseball game; I woke up during the 8th inning! What a power nap! Very refreshing!

I did the hand sewing to finish off these two toys, and now I think I'll go back under that quilt and read a good book. Hard to believe it's June 6th today! It feels like December 6th!

I'm thankful for:

1) badly needed rain

2) the friendship and admiration that flow between my son and his fiancee

3) baby goats, lambs, a calf, ducks, geese, bunnies, a turkey and all the other cute animals at the petting zoo in the rain. They didn't like the rain, either! But they cheered us up with their cuteness.

4) fireplace to make us cozy on a cold day

5) quilts!


Beth said...

did you get any animal pictures? I took a nap too..not sure how long..but it felt good! We do have some nice people at our church...Even tho I froze I had a fun day!

Melissa said...

Sounds like a really nice day! Other then my trip to the ER I spent my day working on my cross stitch project. It was nice. :)

Vivian said...

Looking forward to upcoming news and photos of the wedding to come.
I always enjoy reading your "thankful for.." lists. They help me ignore the negative things that really shouldn't bother me.