Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Five

What a whirlwind of a week! I'm just trying to keep my head above water as I fly from activity to activity. Whew! I have at least 3 or 4 events to attend and keep track of even this weekend. I am longing for a weekend with zero commitments!
1) I helped plan and organize two retirement parties. They both occurred this week. Both fun events. I'm relieved! And I found out I dislike being the person who collects the money. Uffda. It was a challenge keeping track of it all, especially because I had two funds going at once. Next time someone else can do the money part. One of the retirees gave me some of her flowers, as thanks for the work I did. The photo above is part of that. Gorgeous, eh?
2) Enjoyed listening to one of the Ampersand Families co-founders speak again this week. She is awesome. She inspires me. I was thankful that everyone in our group seemed so tuned in and impressed.
3) I stayed up late last night putting together a video slide-show for one of the retirees. I am tired today, but she appreciated it a lot, so that was fun for me.
4) I just have to gush about the Obamas. I love them so much! Michelle rocks! And the President has restored hope, happiness, and I feel refreshed. They are EXACTLY what our world needs. They put a big smile on my face.
5) Two days of work left! Hooray!!! I just barely have time to fit work into my schedule these days. I'm glad it's coming to a temporary end. Summer is the bomb!
Blogger is ignoring my attempts to create separate paragraphs. What's up with that?!


Beth said...

weird that you mentioned the Obamas...I just got a glimpse of the Prez on TV while at my mom's...and I a sighed... I was relieved once again that he is our president! See ya in the AM

Nanci said...

Oh wow, I've read the past few weeks of your blog and am exhausted! You need a vacation!
We too, here in Canada admire the president, he speaks so well, is so inspiring that even those that oppose his beliefs can't fault the man. America should be so proud to have elected such a man.
I have a friend, who when her son moved out, painted the room light pink, and put up frilly curtains and in went the sewing machine!
He was so upset that she had changed HIS room. She said he still sleeps in it when he comes home.

True Blue Nana said...

I just love summer. Now that I am retired I miss that rush on the last day of school. The students are excited and they don't even realize how excited the teachers are!

Cathi said...

Re: #4...GUSH??????? They are spending your hard earned money on frivolous crap...$24,000 "date" in NYC. PUKE!!!!!