Sunday, June 28, 2009

An Award and a Bright Light

I didn't think I had much to write about today, but then I discovered that Beth over at Walk a Mile chose me to win this lovely blog award. Beth and I became pals at church, especially through working on mission teams together. She is an inspiration to me! Thank you, Beth! I am honored! (I’ll follow the blog award rules in a couple of days.)

Today we had church outside in a little "town square" area at a new development in our 'burb. It was a beautiful day to be outside!

Pastor Penny did a sermon on Saul and his conversion along the road to Damascus. Saul was blinded by a bright light. And it completely turned his life around. See the bright light in this picture? I thought it was quite appropriate that this light appeared while a sermon was being preached about Saul. Something to think about: how many of us would be courageous enough to completely change our lives to live as we we belive God calls us to live?

Tomorrow I am going to do something very interesting - at least I hope it will be. Check back in a day or two if you're curious about my Monday plans. I'll tell you all about it!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about your interesting day!

As for your post today, I love that. As you know, I am not religious in the Christian sense of things. But I do believe that we are called to do certain things in this world. Some people listen to that calling and some don't. After I adopted my daughter, I definitely knew what I was called to do. She has such a strong spirit that guides so much of what I do. I feel like I am just babbling cause I know I have a point somewhere in here.

Oh yeah. Sometimes, we all need to be quiet and that we can hear what we are called to do. Whatever your religion... Whatever your beliefs...we all have a purpose to our life.

Your church sounds awesome. I need to find me some awesome church. I like our country church, but my beliefs don't align with theirs and it makes things, er, awkward sometimes.

Beth said...

Okay... I need to know what you are! lol... and you don't have to follow the blog award... I know you!

I did enjoy today's worship time! It was nice and relaxing!