Monday, June 22, 2009


Lining up for a meal... the group from Missouri fed us wonderful, home-cooked meals.

breakfast fit for a lumberjack

Lunches were wherever we happened to be... usually outside.

meatloaf etc etc

... another outdoor lunch...

ravioli-lasagne ... one of my favorites of the week
we knew losing weight this week was an impossible dream
bbq pork sandwiches

Lisa, Peter's sister, made us Indian tacos. Fabulous!!

dessert at Al's Oasis in Chamberlain, SD


Melissa said...

Mmmmm....looks yummy!

Beth said... tummy hurts thinking about it sure was good... your photos crack me up...especially me... oink oink!

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Carol, I am just getting caught up with your mission trip adventures and just absolutely loved reading about everything...the people, the thrift shop, the toys and the children! You have a wonderful blog, an amazing spirit and it's just a delight to visit you blog!!

Bebesboutique said...

I'm starving now! lol So glad you are having a good time doing so much good.