Saturday, June 20, 2009

Toy and Quilt Highlights

Names in this message are fictitious.

These pictures from my work week in South Dakota show you some of the highlights of my non-work moments. I gave Holly the turtle toy and also gave her a quilt. It was very rewarding for me to see how much she liked that quilt! She hugged it and wrapped up in it; later she cuddled under it while the adults talked, and she quickly fell asleep. Though I didn't require a thank-you, it was very gratifying to see her enjoying the quilt -- better than a giant Thank You.

I gave away all the toys I had taken along. Most of them I was not able to photograph, either because I did not have my camera at hand, or the child to whom I gave the toy dashed off too quickly for me to snap a photo.

One day Jada sat down with us while we ate lunch on the grass. We gave her a banana, and I gave her the little one-eyed monster toy. She was carrying a pole around with her. She inserted a found pair of scissors into the pole, and then the toy's little "foot/antenna" thingy fit through the scissors handle. Voila! A fun, shakey pole decoration!

The very last toy I gave away was a baby toy. On our way home we stopped for breakfast at McDonalds in Chamberlain, SD. A family came in with an 8-month old boy. I gave him the toy, and he grabbed on to it, shook it around, and grinned a big cutie-pie smile. Fun, fun, fun!

One more toy photo: I did a toy-drop for the Toy Society while we were in Pierre, SD on our day off. It was almost found -- I saw a woman walking around inside the museum with it -- but I think she misunderstood something about it, because when we left the museum, the toy was back hanging where I had dropped it.

Goodnight for now! Tomorrow I'll share more trip tidbits and photos.


Melissa said...

Welcome home! I love your quilts and toys! I'm glad they brought so much joy to people there!

JJ said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of the little girl's joy with her new quilt. It's lovely to see how such a gift will bless someone else. Hugs Jan Mac

Judy H. said...

I bet the woman at the museum was headed to the lost-and-found with the toy, read the message, and didn't have a child in her life to pass it on to. So she put it back for some other lucky kid to find. (Yes, I'm always making up stories to explain other people's behavior...)