Sunday, July 03, 2016

..And More Finishes

I have been on a huge sewing jag this weekend. What fun! For once I felt like I could ignore all other chores and devote my complete attention to sewing. Here are a few more things I completed (or started).

This is a panel, obviously, to which I added a border, obviously. Several panels were sent out by the Professor who bought them for a song at her guild. They were a Sunshine challenge, of sorts. We were joking that the "winner" should be awarded this flowered handbag. We are all pleading that we don't deserve to win! haha

Here is a heart block I made for Pulse. (See the button in my sidebar.)

And I got caught up on my weather quilt. We (in a weather quilt group) are half done! Six months of daily highs are depicted here:

I also made 44 Omaha blocks (no picture) and 26 Tahoe blocks that look like this:
These are all for an event that will take place one YEAR from now. I am working way ahead.

What else might I finish in the next days and weeks? I hope this sewing binge continues.......

To my USA readers, Happy Independence Day!

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Quiltdivajulie said...

And happy Fourth of July to you, too!