Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ugly Challenge

I participated in an Ugly Challenge at my local guild.. we drew an "ugly" FQ from a bag and made something with it. I can't find my leftover swatch of the ugly I drew so can't photograph it for you. It really was ugly.. I said at the time that it looked like puke. Some of the so-called "uglies" were actually pretty! Mine truly was ugly.

This is what I made from my ugly:
I gleefully showed this to my Loose Threads group while at C's house last week. It wasn't yet quilted.

The "ugly" is the third fabric in, if you start counting at the darkest one.

Here it is, completed:
Do you see the kangaroo I added to it? I'm not sure I want to leave it on there, but I probably will, simply because I named this quilt "Boing, Boing".

To see photos of the other Ugly Challenge quilts, go here, the blog dedicated to our guild activities.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how context can de-uglify an ugly fabric. And cutting it small enough.

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous! And I love the kangaroo!