Saturday, August 08, 2015

Small Group Fun

"Loose Threads" met yesterday. It was another member's turn to show us her quilts. Coincidentally, her name is also Carol, so we had The Carol Show again today. We met at Carol's house. It was quite fun.

This is a close-up of a quilt made from Kaffe Fasset fabrics - beautiful! I didn't get a good photo of the whole quilt.

variety of projects, both done and undone, some recent, some from long ago -- all beautiful

below: another Kaffe Fasset quilt in progress
quilts on the wall were made by other people
Carol makes lots of other stuff including painted silk scarves, glass items, and needlepoint

Carol's yard is full of beautiful flowers, and she lives in a gorgeous little spot near a pond!

Some of us had Show and Tell.. then we went out for a yummy lunch.

It was another fun Loose Threads gathering that energized and inspired me! I hope to do a bunch of sewing the rest of this weekend.

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