Monday, February 10, 2014

Quilty Week in a Couple Different Ways

I spent the last several days sewing like a maniac. I got these two quilt tops made, and these blocks:

this is for Margaret's Hope Chest

this is for Wrap a Smile

These blocks are my February contribution to Sunshine via Tammy ... the next photo shows the detail of that house that has a zipper for a door. There is something inside the house! (Can you see what it is? It didn't photograph very well.)

While I was on a roll, I also made my March blocks to send to Tammy:

four for Tammy to use for Sunshine,

and one for the winner of the Lotto

Then I stopped sewing, because I went to see my mom. It was super cold out, so we mostly stayed indoors. We watched a bit of the Olympics, did some reading, and I finished knitting a dish cloth. Then my sister came over and gave me two huge bags of scraps and blocks that I can use for donation quilts. Wow! What a treasure trove! These borders were already cut, so as soon as I came back home, I added them to the quilt top that had been in need of borders.

This is also for Margaret's Hope Chest. The colors are brighter than they appear in this photo.

I can hardly wait to play some more with all the fun treasures that are waiting to be discovered in these huge bags. Thanks, Sis!


Debra Dixon said...

Can't go wrong with a coin layout!

Like the hearts too.

(Posted a picture of your top on my blog today!)

Anonymous said...

Love the houses; the zipper door is a cool idea.