Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Books: Hypnotist's Lover

The Hypnotist's Lover by Liane Moriarty -- This book is about -- guess what -- a hypnotherapist and her lover. I wasn't expecting to like this book. The title seemed like a cheesy book that I should avoid. However, it was a choice for our on-line book club to read in February, so I thought I'd give it a try. I was delightfully surprised when I liked the book right away. It grabbed my attention and my curiosity. I read straight through, as much as possible, to see what would happen next -- a page turner.

The characters were so real. I liked all of them, including the weird stuff they did, such as when one person is in the middle of a very personal, emotional disclosure of his truest and deepest feelings, the person he is speaking to yawns. That's a great example of the real-ness of the characters. Sometimes we humans do things that are unexplainable, such as yawning when the person we're with is sharing something deep.

I also liked how each character continues to grow and learn, even the old ones (around my age). That's what life really does to us, even as we age.

Good book. Read this when you want to sink into a good story and forget where you are.


Jan said...

I love when a book catches me by surprise, in a good way. Thanks for the book rec.

Unknown said...

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