Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday Books: Kevin

We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

I wanted to hurry and read this before going to see the premier showing of the movie at a local art museum. When I checked online for tickets, I found that it had drawn too many requests; they decided to show it only to members, which I am not. I then went on a quest to find it showing elsewhere locally. The museum directed me to a place and date, but it didn't match up. I'll have to wait until it's being shown all over, and by then it will have been a better time lapse between reading the book and seeing the movie. I usually like to have a gap of time so that I can enjoy both without remembering too many of the details of the book which I notice are lacking from the movie.

Anyway, I'm not done with the book, but my impression so far is... the mom character is someone I don't like. She is telling the story of the son who commits a school shooting/mass murder similar to Columbine. From the movie teaser I've seen, they did a great job of casting for this mom character. She isn't very likeable, and she doesn't bond with the baby at all. She borders on weird, or she is weird, or at least she should never have decided to have a child.

That's as far as I am in the book. I need to carve out some reading hours in my next few days. Maybe while I pretend to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday....

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JeannetteLS said...

It sounds interesting. I hope you'll let us know what your opinion is...

I DO think that sociopaths are born into families, but that part may be nourished by certain horrific "dysfunction" in their environment.

My family certain was such a family, yet one could still ask WHY? Jim had something off very, very young. And he was a born in a time when these things were not really looked at. EVER.

I wonder about the families of kids who shoot other kids. It is so very easy to blame, but I cannot believe that the family would NOT be off in some profound way.

Enough. (Hope you are enjoying sewing what YOU want.)