Sunday, February 19, 2012

Earth From Above -- Amazing Quilts!

I talked about my Earth From Above challenge quilt here. I waited until past the due date to finally come up with an idea, and then made the quilt hurriedly in one day. The next day I knew I'd be driving past Aunt Annie's Quilts in Avon, on my way to visit my mother, so I had to finish and hand deliver my quilt.

They have received about 50 quilts, and believe me, they are super amazing and clever and gorgeous! Most of them were still on tables, waiting to be organized and hung, so a couple other customers and I got to look at them all, and Lucy even let me take pictures. It was so inspirational (and, I must say, humbling) to see these quilts!

These will probably hang in a couple of quilt shows; once in the St. Cloud area and once in the annual Minnesota Quilters show which happens in mid-June. This year it will be in Rochester. Here's a sneak peek, with a reminder that photos don't do the quilts justice. I hope some of my readers will be able to see these in person at Lucy's shop, or at one of the two quilt shows in which they will hang. They're worth the trip.

I have labeled the pictures of which I remember the subject matter. (Pictures are in plastic sheets, reflecting light and making them hard to photograph.) One quilt that was one of my favorites I didn't even post here, because both the picture and the quilt were just too hard to photograph. It was amazing though.

the blue strips are solar energy panels

the quilt representing above picture

don't know the story of this picture, but notice the small area of blue in bottom right corner

the quilt includes a small area of blue in bottom right corner - so cool!

the picture...

... and the quilt! Yeah, I know!

cotton bales, with a man resting on one of them (Imagine: our quilt fabrics are made from these giant bales!)

quilt is made of home-made cotton balls on a leaf-shaped "platter" with a fairy resting on one of them

post-tsunami destruction

and the quilt inspired by the above

cool patterns in the earth

and the very cool quilt inspired by those patterns

picture of roads

the "roads" are made from zippers, and it includes hand-printed sayings about journeys from Robert Frost, Dalai Lama, and Buddha

the picture of whatever - pretty colors and patterns

and the quilt made in its honor

There were lots more. Wish I could show them all to you. Wasn't this a great idea for a challenge? It really brought out people's creativity!


BrendaLou said...

perhaps, just perhaps I may get to see them this summer in rochester.

antique quilter said...

I LOVE this challenge! I hope you can share a few more with us
very inspirational

Helen said...

This is a really fabulous challenge. Lucky you being able to be a part of it.

Sarah said...

Such a very cool project - creating quilts from photos. I hope you'll be able to post more photos.

Sarah said...

Howdy! I wanted to tell how much I really enjoy reading your blog. You are sew very talented and I am honoring you with the Versatile Blogger award!

Sextant said...

All the quilts are cool how they interpreted the photos, but you left out the best one (with the coolest name).