Thursday, February 16, 2012

Earth From Above

I'm trying to get used to my new method of uploading photos. Every computer seems to come with its own preferred method. My old brain has to try to adjust. Can you hear the rusty gears grinding? This computer has a card reader, which is cool. Skips a step I had to do before.

Here are my most recent photos; I will now tell you their story. Once upon a time I wandered into Aunt Annie's Quilts in Avon, Minnesota. You've heard me rave about that shop before. It's my favorite. Anyway, one of their employees had found some books called Earth From Above. The books were full of very cool photos of a huge assortment of random scenes, photographed from above.

They decided to hold an Earth From Above Challenge. We were to choose a page from the book and RIP IT OUT and keep it. Yes, rip a page out of a beautiful book! It almost hurt me to do so, but I thought it was a great idea. Here is the picture I chose:

Parasols on a beach near Agia Napa, Famagresta, Cyprus

The idea, of course, was to make a quilt inspired by the photo. I put it off and put it off for so long. I had a piece of fabric in mind, but no inspiration for design. The deadline to turn in quilts was a few days ago. I decided I had to make something, so I got busy and finally finished mine today. I'll be in Avon tomorrow, so I plan to hand-deliver it. If it's too late for the contest, that's OK. I never win those things anyway. I'll just be happy if it can hang in a display with the others. At least I got something done. For a moral of the story I will paraphrase a quilter's proverb: finished is better than on time.... [huh??]

Here's my quilt. It measures 13" x 19". After I got it all done and hung it up, I saw some stuff I'd like to change. Oh, well, c'est la vie. At least I had fun, and that is the important part of a challenge.

I'm showing you two pictures of it, because one shows the quilting a bit better, and one shows the arrangement of it. Can you see that I quilted a bunch of circles into the circles? It was fun to work on.


Andi said...

You did a great job. I love the photo as well as your quilted interpretation.

Anonymous said...

Your quilting really makes the geometry of the piece pop. Love it.

Anonymous said...

What a fun project idea! I love what you did with your quilt. I hope you get the quilt there in time, but if not, I admire you for doing it anyway. I don't hear any rusty gear noises at all. If there are any to be heard, they are drowned out by your creative gears!

Jan Mac said...

I love your interpretation but I would have found it very hard to tear a page out as well. A lovely challenge idea though.

Sextant said...

This is very weird because as you well know I am not exactly a quilty kind of guy. But I love that quilt. It is astounding! I have no idea why but I just really like it. I about as artistic and creative as the average dog, yet I can relate your quilt back to the photo.

Abstraction is generally not my bag in art yet I look at your quilt and it just speaks to me. I would hang it on the wall as artwork. It has a cool scientific air about it. I have a name for it:

Floating Worlds on The Quantum Foam!

Very beautiful! Great piece of creativity. I love it.

Good luck with the new computer, fast ain't it?

AnnieO said...

Really cool inspiration photo! I like all the circle repetition you did, and that swirly fabric in the background is wonderful. Glad you persevered even if the deadline smacked you on the rear!