Monday, November 07, 2011

"I Thought You Were Someone Famous"

Today I worked a morning shift of three hours, then I returned home to discover that our power was out. I had forgotten! The City warned us they would be working on our neighborhood transformer, and our power would be out most of the day.

I packed up my knitting project and a good book, and I headed off to the library. We have a library with windows that look out on a beautiful "estate" of oak trees and a creek running through. Knitting by those windows was ideal.

the soon-to-be-famous knitting (?)

After a while a woman came along and said "Knitting! What a beautiful thing to do in a library! Don't be alarmed, but I'm going to take your picture." She had a big camera with a big lens and a big, loud click (very professional sounding) when she snapped the shutter. She asked me to sign a waiver, giving her permission to use the photos in library publications or other publicity for the County (for whom she works).

Nearby sat a guy working on his laptop. She had snapped a photo or two of him, too. When she asked him to sign the waiver, he did so. And then he looked at me and said "I thought you were someone famous." The thing is, I think she was smitten by the look of the knitting juxtaposed against the windows and the gorgeous view outside. She snapped a LOT of pictures of me! It was a funny feeling, and I can see why the guy thought I was famous.

Of course, I'm just a regular person, knitting in a library on a beautiful autumn afternoon. The funny part was, as a person who also loves taking pictures, I could imagine how pretty my knitting looked against that beautiful backdrop. I would have wanted to snap lots of pictures of me and my knitting, too.

Oh... and after I tired of knitting, I pulled out my book and began to read, and the photographer re-appeared and snapped more photos of me while reading.

Now I'll wait and see if I show up anywhere in County publications. What are the chances, do you suppose!?


Unknown said...

maybe you are someone famous and you don't know it!

Carol G said...

Wow, you must share the link if you find yourself "published!"

Anonymous said...

If I had seen you knitting, I'd have asked to take a photo, too. Just watching someone knit is relxing to me. I hope you see yourself in print! Let us know. Love the yarns you paired up!

Michele Bilyeu said...

I love it! And once it is published you will be famous ;) Heck, you were a lovely sight and your peacefulness was a gift to her, as well as your celebrityhood to others!! We should all get our 15 minutes..or hours, or days. Good for you and your knitting!

AnnieO said...

It's your son who's gone to L.A. but you're the one getting photographed! Love it :)

Megs said...

LOL A few years ago, Mike and I were camping up in Bayfield, and we had brought our adirondack chairs to sit by the fire... One evening a photographer came up and asked to snap pictures of us in our chairs by the fire as the sun was going down... Apparently, that was for a county publication, too! (We never saw the pictures... But I bet they were pretty cool - It was a beautiful sunset!)

BrendaLou said...

You ARE famous in MY book!

Elaine Adair said...

Yes, you ARE famous to many people who YOU don't even know! 8-)))

That was a nice post - really nice - hope people along the path of the photo enjoy it as well.