Thursday, November 10, 2011

400 Quilts by Thanksgiving!

Can you help Victoria collect 400 quilts by Thanksgiving? Here is a link to the program site:

Victoria is a quilter in NY who is sharing her quilting talents with a program, BASICS, that helps people transition out of shelters into permanent housing. They need quilts!! She once asked if BASICS could use quilts (thinking she could donate a few) and the guy said "do you have 700?"

That's how many people were awaiting housing in NYC! Victoria was floored and reached out to the cyberworld for help. They have now distributed 300 quilts but need 400 more. The next distribution day will be in early December, so they need the next 400 in NYC by Thanksgiving Day.

Do you have any quilts to share? Please read about this cool program and donate if you can! (Finished quilts, please -- no unfinished tops.) Any size works!

I was excited to see photos of people receiving a couple of the quilts I donated. Maybe you could share in this excitement, too.


Anonymous said...

I remember you saying you had hoped to see people receiving something you donated. Now you haave! How wonderful. Thanks for sharing this information. So many people who need basic things. . .

Megs said...

Ohhh! That's my bud, Andrea! Must be a great project if two of my favorite ladies are involved! (Too bad I don't quilt...)