Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Get That Junk Out of Here!

It’s “get rid of stuff” day at my house! This feels great!

Hubby is taking a bunch of old car oil to the oil recycling place. I won’t tell you how many years those old bottles of oil have been sitting around in our garage, waiting to be removed. Finally! He is also taking away old electronics.. burned out fluorescents, two old TVs, an old bread making machine, a computer monitor, a couple old DVD players, a toaster, and an old keyboard. Yay! I hate when that junk piles up and just sits there for months or years before we get around to disposing of them.

I got rid of some stuff, too, but in my case it was new stuff. The women’s group at my church collected paper products for a housing unit that helps nearly-homeless women get back on the right track, recover from addictions, find jobs, etc… I had a carload of paper towels, detergents, and various hygiene products to deliver and also gave them some kids' clothing that I had purchased super-cheap at end-of-season sales.

Also this week I mailed out about four packages and a bunch of letters that all had been waiting to fly out of here..

So we are feeling a little bit lighter weight around here. Unfortunately, it’s not from loss around our middles, but loss from our junk piles is almost as satisfying.

Oh, and this is the exciting prize I sent to Christine, who was the first person to guess that my recent blog title was from Fiddler on the Roof … a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a pot, a pan, a potholder, a hat.


JeannetteLS said...

I think the one thing that has kept me from becoming more certifiable than I already AM during the moving process has been getting rid of junk. It feels terrific to actually know what I have now. I know why I have kept everything that I have--not that all junk was eliminated. Have you noticed that sometimes you'll look at something like, well, this rubber sea gull that my son periodically hand back and forth at holiday time. That came. And my wind-up hysterically giggling cow.

I'm hopeless. But I do like the feeling of just getting stuff GONE.
And maybe someone will pick up your junk to store in their own basement, thinking that surely they will need that ergonomic keyboard for something.

AnnieO said...

Great job! I have had some old electronics hanging about for far too long--just haven't taken the time to take them to the proper place. But DH and I spent about 6-7 hours in the garage last weekend going through all the papers he has collected from work (food/restaurant salesman). Those marketers sure do their job but boy it creates a lot of piles!

Unknown said...

When I retired from business, I had three boxes of outfits that went to women in transition to help others move on with their lives. I never missed any of the clothes and a good cause received them.
Here at the cottage we have so little space that I am forever culling out. My cedar chest holds all my quilting fabrics...almost.
I feel good every time I go through a drawer, tidy and clear out stuff. Eight pairs of reader glasses went to the garbage...why did I have those?
Good blog Carol.

Anonymous said...

You're such a good person. Thanks for making the donations you mentioned. I'm certain they are needed and appreciated. Congrats to the winner of your pot holder and hat! Very cute.

BrendaLou said...

I'll be going to the hospital soon to join the "labor team" but had to check out the blogs. I have something to ADD to your "stuff" here. I made you a sewing "gadget" and after things settle down around here I'll call and maybe we can set up a sewing day or lunch or dinner or SOMETHING!!! Good for you cleaning out. I love to recycle my "junk" to someone who thinks it is treasure! We give our old electronics to a ministry that uses them for children without.

Sextant said...

I am amazed at how easy it is to accrue this junk. Why is not junk when we buy it?

Pattilou said...

Reminds me of "stuff" from the move we haven't gone through yet. Mostly office stuff from DH. ...I can't really get myself to do it for him, so there it sits! One day... One thing about living in a condo was that we didn't have the room--we went through things often out of necessity. Now, we just take them to the basement!

It all really does make you feel lighter doesn't it! Great job!