Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boutiques and Storms

Our boutique and turkey dinner took place last night. We were very busy! Tons of people came, and we all had a good time. Boutique items were plentiful and varied. So fun! A few of my personal friends came just for the boutique part (not the dinner) and did some shopping. That was fun!

Totals have not yet been officially tallied, but I believe we took in about twice the usual amount of money for our boutique. That is fabulous news! All the money goes to programs we support in this area: transitional housing for women who are facing homelessness and addictions, a neighborhood project that supports many categories of people in need, and a homeless shelter that serves families and helps some of them move into permanent housing.

On a completely different subject, I have been thinking about the change in seasons and the inevitable snow storms we will get here. I have never before worked in a job that is open 24/7. I guess I've been spoiled. I worked in schools that would have snowdays, and I never had to force my little car to drive through the storms to get me safely to work. Now I'm in a job that runs around the clock, and I'm wondering how I'll manage when the storms hit. Our little road is often the last one plowed in this neighborhood, and we only have a shovel. It might be time for a snowblower, something my hubby has adamantly resisted all these years. Should be an interesting winter.

really not looking forward to the arrival of the white stuff


Sextant said...

My condolences for driving in winter weather. I am in the exact opposite situation this winter for the first time since I was 18. Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow. Well actually no, I still have to shovel my horrific driveway. It is on a steep grade, bordered by the neighbors driveway. So I can only throw the snow on one side. There is a 5 foot wall on that side, and the wind blows from that direction. You couldn't have designed a lousier situation. Never buy a house with abutting driveways.

Good snow tires! Well worth the money and bother. All seasons don't hack it, well at least around here. It is helly as hill in south western Pennsylvania.

betty said...

Cool boutique for such worthy causes! Glad it was a success!!

I'm from Southern California, lived there the majority of my life, and found myself in Montana a few years back. I had done a little snow driving when we lived in Santa Fe, but in Montana they NEVER close the schools (only 2 times in 18 yeras the school secretary told me when I asked her what number I called to see if school was closed because in Santa Fe, they always closed the school whenever it snowed or even threatened snow).

I got used to driving in it, took five years to be totally comfortable with it, then we moved three years later back to Southern California.

When you have to get out and do it, to get to work or the kids to school, it becomes a necessity so you just "get up and do it".

Get a snow blower; we had one and it sure saved when those big storms came out. Otherwise, I really liked going out there and shoveling.


Anonymous said...

And it's a bit of a drive for you too, to get to the 24/7 gig. Best wishes for your safety.