Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another Peak

Our fall colors peaked a while back, and most of the leaves are nearly off the trees... now we're getting a second peak, this time of the lovely reds. This week while out running errands I snapped several pictures of the beautiful red trees that are among the last to show their full, brilliant colors. Breath-taking, aren't they?? I love fall!


betty said...

First time commenting on your blog; love the name of it! Beautiful gorgeous colors of the leaves! We don't get the vivid colors like these in Southern California where I live now, but we did when I lived in Montana. Always enjoyed the beautiful of them!

Have a good Thursday!


Unknown said...

Great drive to work is still quite colorful...all 10 blocks...and I love it..

Maya said...

Lovely photos!

JeannetteLS said...

Just beautiful. I fear all our leaves will be down so soon after changing, with the heavy rain we are having.

So I'll live vicariously through YOUR pictures.