Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let's See...

What have I been doing lately? When I ask that question it's hard to answer, yet I feel like I've been super busy.

I've been working about 1-2 days per week, on average. I work for two different school districts. I love being a sub. I love being able to say yes or no to a job. Although, to be honest, I feel bad when I have to say no. But no one has ever been upset with me -- I just feel like I'm doing something wrong, because I know when they call it's because they need someone. I guess I'm not used to the life of a substitute yet. So far I like it, overall.

I've been both sewing and knitting. Now that I see all these photos, I guess it tells the story of how busy I've been. I have plenty of sewing and knitting projects "on deck," along with more sub work to do, so I guess I'll continue to be busy.

I made blocks for Sunshine's lotto for December. I'm early!

more blocks for December

more December blocks

and yet more for December

these are Sunshine lotto blocks for November

these hats are for a program called Hats for the Homeless. They'll be distributed in early December

this is a challenge I'm doing at 15 Minutes of Play.. stay tuned for what this will turn into.. I don't know yet, either!

these are for an online lotto (separate from Sunshine) see the I Heart Block Lotto button to the side and join us if you are interested

Throw in Thanksgiving, regular life busy-ness, thinking about and preparing for Christmas.. and I guess that's what I've been up to!


Anonymous said...

I always love to peek at the color work you do, but I must admit that the knitting makes me smile. What lovely hats! Nice job! Some heads will be as warm as your heart.

Unknown said...

@least the sub call from SSP is automated... lol

Elaine Adair said...

Wow -- all the great blocks AND hats. I love the block with bubbles and black - how interesting!