Monday, November 15, 2010

Giving in Minnesota

I love the quilts you guessed for me! But you are all wrong. #15 is beautiful... I watched the owner make that one at the first retreat I attended and loved it! The other one, on the unmade bed, is a quilt made of blocks we donated to a president when her term ended. She likes wild and bright, like I do. Both were good guesses on your part!

Mine is #10. It is fabric with a marching band printed on it. I just added some borders and got it quilted by Diane who does fabulous work. It was in honor of my son and his years of hard work on the drum line in his high school marching band. I thought it might be something he would like, but he didn't seem to, so I kept it.

Now on to my real topic: Nov 16 in Minnesota is Give to the Max day. Non-profits in Minnesota are asking for a one-day donation blitz. It worked really well last year. I am trying to raise money for a group called Ampersand Families, and I made my own fund-raising page. If anyone feels like making a donation, I would love you forever. (Well, I already do, but this would just be icing on the cake.)

Ampersand Families is a fabulous agency whose goal is to find permanent homes for older kids (10 and up) who are in foster care. They are the most caring, smart, hard-working, wise group you could ask for. Your money will make a big difference and will help some kids and their adoptive families. Ampersand is GREAT!!

Here's my link to my page. Thank you for at least reading about this. Even learning a little more about the topic will help our world be a better place!

Carol's Ampersand Families fund-raising page

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. At least if I guessed wrong, I had company. I LOVE the band quilt, though. I guess I didn't see what the fabric was in the smaller pic yesterday and didn't enlarge it either. The fabric is GREAT!!! I don't think I would have guessed it was yours anyway. I don't think I knew your son was in the band.