Monday, November 30, 2009

Tigers, Bunnies, and Grief

Poor Tiger. I don't know what took place in his family and his car accident, and it's none of my business. Why can't the news mongers just give it up? Everyone has spats, makes mistakes, commits errors in judgment.... whatever happened in the Woods family is their private business. Most of us have probably done worse and are VERY thankful that it didn't get splashed across the international news. He deserves that same privacy.

'Nuff said.

Now I want to thank everyone for so many comments on my previous post. I am quite pleased with how pretty that quilt is turning out. I think I left it in the cupboard for seven years, because I was afraid the browns would be boring and ugly. They're not at all! So it is a happy surprise.

The pattern is called Faux Log Cabin and is by Billie Lauder. You can probably Google the name and find the pattern. It was online, free, for a long time and may still be easily available.

Last Sunday our pastor did a children's sermon using her bunny puppet. One little boy, son of my friend M, was just taken by that bunny. You can see his delighted face in the picture above. He's sitting right next to the pastor and the bunny. It's amazing how a puppet can "come to life" and how it will totally intrigue a child. Very cute.

I am just shocked with the senseless murder of four police officers in the State of Washington. I feel so bad for the families and the entire community. Their grief must be overwhelming. We need to get some control on our ridiculous overload of guns in this country!!!

There. I've said my piece on a few topics. Now it's time for bed. Nighty-night!


Unknown said...

I have totally tuned out the Tiger issue...I agree leave the dude alone!

Twisted Quilts said...

I wish the press would leave Tiger alone. Maybe he and his wife had an argument, what married couple hasn't. Let them work it out without all the whole world looking on.

Jo said...

That quilt in your previous post is absolutely exquisite...! Omigoodness!

Poor Tiger. A friend of mine did a post about him today too. Tiger will probably never recover his reputation from this incident, sadly. Gone is the clean-cut fellow. But, we are all human, aren't we? We have all made mistakes.

Judy H. said...

I am very late reading blogs -- thank you for your comments about the Lakewood police officers. That happened just a few miles from my house, and it is very startling to have it be so close to home. The community is still reeling, and it helps to see someone from so far away comment on it.