Sunday, November 08, 2009

#697 - A Beautiful Sunday

What a gorgeous weekend we have enjoyed! Weather was warm and wonderful for this late in the year. Today I went to church (late, I must admit, after being distracted by Facebook), ate pancakes at church, then came home and enjoyed a quiet afternoon, sewing for Sunshine (see

This weekend I completed the following projects:

This is four blocks I made for a Sunshine member who collects blocks and makes gorgeous quilts for kids.

This top has been sitting on my design wall forever, and I finally got it put together. It'll eventually go to Wrap Them in Love (see

This is another top that will go to Wrap Them in Love. It is all blocks that I found while digging around in my sewing room,looking for something else! Sunshine members and blog readers made a bunch of these Ohio Stars for Joanie almost a year ago. (She lost everything in a fire; we made her a quilt.) I got so many Ohio Stars that I couldn't fit them all into Joanie's quilt. I've been able to make a total of three quilts using all those stars. This is the third. I set it with crumb blocks that I had made and also set aside, to be found later. This one isn't quite done being assembled, but it's close.

Quilts like these, using found blocks, feel like they are "free."

After my sewing stint I went outside and took a nice walk. It's a gorgeous day for a walk!

Charles has not been home all day. His Aunt Katie died, and though there was no formal funeral, there was a little gathering of family today, to reminisce and mark her passing. Katie was in her 90s and was Charles' godmother. He left while I was at church and has been there all day. As I write this at 4:00 p.m., he is still not home. I am thinking that both Charles and his father probably are bummed that they missed their Sunday afternoon naps. But hopefully they are enjoying the family gathering and remembering fond and funny tales about Katie.

Today I am thankful for:
1. finally kicking myself out of the house to take a nice walk
2. lots of Christmas shopping already done (I love bazaars and art shows)
3. fun to enjoy a quiet house and get lots of sewing done today
4. Nerburn's newest book - it's Fab!
5. sky, trees, leaves, water, earth - we are so blessed - thank you, God!
6. Just as I am about to post this, Charles returned home. Yay!


Nettie & Friends said...

Wow you are so prolific! I'm jealous. I tried to just clean off my dining room table so I could start more projects... Sifting through paper piles always takes longer than expected! Thanks for the beauty you put out in the world!

Anonymous said...

I can always count on you to brighten up my day. Your sense of color always impresses me. I am an avid window shopper on your blog!

AnnieO said...

Very happy post to read, so glad you're working in the sewing room and walking yourself outdoors...sounds like a great weekend. I love the kitty print in the top quilt's pic!