Monday, November 02, 2009

IBOL Guy Marches On

Remember IBOL guy? While in Iraq he collected fabric bundles (Iraqi Bundles of Love) to deliver to sewing groups and individiuals in Iraq... his way of showing a little love and creating peace, one person and one bundle at a time.

IBOL guy is home now, and he has registered for a walk to support Juvenile Diabetes research. Check out his pledge page. He had to declare a pledge goal, so guess what he did.. he used the final number of IBOL bundles he received in Iraq: 3445. And he's counting on the continued generosity of fabric and yarn enthusiasts to help him reach his goal. Want to join in the fun? If 100 of us donate $34.45 he'll reach his goal. But even better would be if another surprising gazillion of us donate, and his goal is far surpassed. We did it before; let's do it again.

The IBOL Spirit lives!

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