Sunday, July 25, 2021

Too Hot for Outside

 We are having a very hot and dry summer. We are trying to establish a new lawn this year, which is virtually impossible during a raging drought. But at least we are not in a fire zone (knock on wood). We just see hazy skies from fires in Canada. I hope everyone near the fires will be safe.

I am tired of the heat and mostly stay inside. I have been working on this for the last couple of days:

Before that I put finishing touches on a few other quilt tops:

Made from fabrics my sister gave me,
and the pattern is from a member of my online group;
we named the pattern Doris. I bet you can guess why.

using some orphan blocks, Lotto blocks, and random stuff

an idea I copied from an unknown quilter; I added the HST borders

another one made from leftovers and extras

Still needs borders added.
This pattern is called Horizon and was found at this blog:
It is super fast and easy; I have made 3 of these so far.
My online group, Sunshine Quilts, had a QAL (quilt along) day
when a bunch of us talked on Zoom and spent the day
sewing Horizon quilts. We have made about 18 of them so far!
New ones keep popping up in our feed.
I will have to share this info with kleinmeisje.. I bet she has no idea
what a quilt avalanche she started!
Amazing accomplishment in the middle
of a drought! 😍

Here are my previous two Horizons. One has been finished so far.


Quiltdivajulie said...

You have been busy staying cool inside (it is scorching hot with too much humidity here).

Louise said...

I hope things cool off for you soon. Seems you are really seeing some weather extremes!

Nann said...

Thanks for the quilt show, Carol! I like the many interpretations of Horizons. Hot and soooo dry here, too.

Leanne said...

Love your quilts!
Sounds like you are smokier down south than we are along the Canadian border! Blue skies are coming!!