Sunday, December 13, 2020

Book Review: Open House

 Open House by Katie Sise

This one was an interesting story about a family whose daughter had died; ten years later it is still an unsolved mystery, and the younger sister, now an adult, deals with aftermath of the trauma.

The story started out strong; I thought I was in for a good read. However, before long it felt like a soap opera; a first-person account from the victim, explaining her life ten years before, went on for too long, right up to the very moment she vanished. A good story fell flat. I felt this book could have used some better editing.

Not my usual picture of someone reading.
Someone else posted this picture, and I borrowed it from Facebook.
I thought it made such a pretty winter picture.

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Nancy Near Philadelphia said...

I always like your book reviews. Thanks for this one. You may like The Boy In The Field, which I finished recently.