Friday, July 05, 2019

Two Art Quilts

I finally finished these two small quilts that have been waiting in my to-be-quilted pile for quite some time. First one is the result of a class I took taught by Cindy Grisdela. I named this one "Playing My Ukelele." Don't ask me why. I don't own a ukelele. I played one for ten minutes when I was about ten years old. But.. the name just came to me as something happy and light-hearted. So there you go. I kind of ruined it by not either facing it or using normal binding on it. I just turned the back to the front and sewed it down. I like this as a quick, easy way to bind quilts that I give away. But for this one.. it doesn't hang well so it looks frumpy. Some day when inspired I shall un-sew this version and will sew on a real binding (probably blue or black).

Second finish is called "A World of Friends." I used to be in a small group called Loose Threads. We had a challenge to make improv blocks using mostly solids. Then we exchanged them and each made something with them. I left the group shortly after the exchange, so, even though I got my top made rather quickly, I dawdled on getting it quilted. It feels good to have it finally done. The gel print in the middle is by Lucy Senstad, a local artist from whom I purchased that piece. And there is a hand-dyed (by me) piece in it along with the prints with the blue blobs which I did in a class at Houston. I like this quilt a lot. It reminds me of my friends who are still keeping Loose Threads going. It was just time for me to take a break from groups. I quit a couple of guilds and that small group all at once, and I've been happy I did.


Quiltdivajulie said...

I like your first piece from Cindy's class -- and I agree that it deserves a better binding. I've tried her facing method and it works great.

Louise said...

Well, I play the ukulele, and that piece is well named :)