Sunday, May 05, 2019

Surprise: Nebraska!

My friend graduated with a Master's Degree last Friday. My husband suggested that we go there (Nebraska). Funny I had not considered it myself. (We live in Minnesota.) We made some last-minute plans to go, and I communicated with Friend's husband so that I could surprise Friend with my presence. She was totally surprised!

After graduation we went with the family and friends to a local steakhouse and had a delicious meal and fun time. I am so glad we decided to go!

The next morning we popped in at my niece's house to visit her new baby: 11 days old and sweet as can be! One of her grandmas was visiting, also. I am the one in the two-color blue shirt.

Next we visited the state capitol building. I have been to Lincoln, Nebraska several times now, and have never thought about visiting the capitol. Why? They are usually very beautiful buildings. This one did not disappoint. Friend met us there and gave us a bit of insider information. It was a gorgeous day and fun to hang out with Friend.

The floor was beautiful, but I didn't get a great shot of it. This gives you an idea. There were many more spots of floor with a variety of art styles, and art on the walls and ceilings, too. My pictures were mediocre, unfortunately. We went up to the 14th floor to look at some cool views of the city of Lincoln. It was an open-air space with fence keeping us safe.

The day was gorgeous; we then took the long drive back home. But really, it didn't feel that long (7 hours). Road trips with a loved one are special times. I'm glad we surprised Nebraska and ourselves with a last-minute trip!

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