Saturday, May 11, 2019

Generous Quilters

Most of the quilters I know are very generous. They make quilts for the joy of it, and then give them away. Or, they respond to pleas for help with generosity.

Recently I asked some of my quilting friends if they could help produce some quilts for the baptisms that take place at my church. The pastor likes to have knitted or quilted blankets as options to give the parents of the baptized child. She gives the parents the choice of which blanket to take home, so it's nice when there is a supply from which to choose. And... my friends come to my church and sew once a month, so I thought they might not mind donating a quilt.

We have had so many baptisms at church lately, that the supply was completely used up. And there are SIX baptisms coming up in early June. So I asked for some help and also got busy making some quilts myself.

Arlette was kind enough to make and donate this one. It is quiet and soft and cuddly.. perfect for a baptism gift. And another friend is donating one as soon as I can arrange to meet with her and pick it up.
These are two I made (one is still in the process of being quilted). They are not quite as typical for baptism quilts, but some of the kids being baptized are a little older than babies, so they might like these. I hope so.

I love sharing the quilts I have made, and I appreciate my generous quilter friends, too. Thanks to everyone who has helped warm someone's heart and soul with the gift of a quilt!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Sharing our work is the reason behind WHY we make quilts. And if it isn't it really should be.

Louise said...

Arlette's quilt is so sweet! And it's great to see yours again. I'm sure they will all be well loved :)