Sunday, January 13, 2019

Not a Lot So Far

I am reading... but my book is 750 pages long! So I don't have a book review ready yet this month. And I am sewing... but I don't have many finishes to show. I can show you a few works in progress, though.

from top: January Lotto blocks for Sunshine, crumb blocks I made on a new $5 machine that my husband repaired.. I was testing it, and it works great now.

from top: my husband knit these gray mittens for Bonus (our Bonus grandson). They're so cute! Then it's a pile of finished quilts, made by huge collaboration of many piecers, assemblers, quilters, and binders. They're ready to send off to Quilts Beyond Borders and Wrap a Smile. Last, I think this is my first finished quilt in 2019. You'll be seeing a lot of pink for a while. I'm trying to use up my pink stash as it's not my favorite color.


Louise said...

Sounds like you're "purge quilting," getting rid of a color you don't like by actually using it. I've been guilty of that, for sure :)

Carol E. said...

Didn't know that term "purge quilting." It's perfect.