Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Farewell, MIL

Yesterday my mother-in-law died. She had a stroke and hung on for about a week. She was 89, leaving behind her five adult children, 8 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren (another one due in April). She had been so resilient over many years, surviving serious conditions that we had expected to do her in long before this. What a tough lady!

It was a blessing that many of her family members could be with her in her final days. My children now have lost all four of their grandparents. It's sad, but they were lucky to have known all four of them into adulthood.

My husband has been so sweet to his mother. He has had his weepy moments but is overall doing OK.

Try not to take your loved ones for granted! (This advice is mostly for me.)

my MIL on left, age 2, with her sister, age 5. Sister preceded her in death.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Sending heartfelt sympathies -- my MIL was a special lady, too. Give your hubby a hug from us.

Alice said...

So Sorry for your loss.

Carol E. said...

Thank you, Julie and Alice! We're doing OK. My husband is fine but exhausted.