Thursday, April 06, 2017

Retreat and Items We Made

I went to my first official quilting retreat of 2017, with my local guild. It was fun and productive, as always. I made a few things that I don't have photographed yet - I want to complete them first.

Below are some random blocks, some for Sunshine (online guild) and some for an in-retreat challenge we were doing which was quite fun. My block of the face waving and saying "Hi" won for "most original use of fabric." I won a piece of chocolate and a FQ.

This is the quilt the Sunshine group made for me after my mom died. Wonderful K. even quilted it for me! It arrived just before the retreat, so I bound it right away and slept under it during retreat. I love it!

My cousin, B., finished her Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt top... except, she decided the borders were too wavy, and she needed to do them again. So she ripped them off and re-did them, and the extra work was worth every moment... it looked wonderful when it was all done and not wavy. I didn't get a picture of that, however, so just imagine that this is the perfect version.

There were many beautiful quilts being made. I can't believe I only took one photograph of quilts made by others! This line of fabric by Moda was beautiful and was perfect for this pattern.

Stuff by me -- a snap-closure bag and a quilt top WIP. I intend to make the quilt top a little bigger before I can call it done.

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