Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday Books: Cinderella & LFLs

This is sad, but the only book I can tell you about that I actually finished reading this week is a child's book, The Gospel Cinderella by Joyce Carol Thomas.

I sometimes volunteer in an elementary school, and I happened to read this book. It was sitting on the table, and I was between tasks, so I read it. Turns out the teacher was glad I had read it, because she'd not had time, and she was soon to be working with kids and their writing about the story; she needed me to give her a quick summary.

It pretty much follows the Cinderella story line, except there's no handsome prince, and no marriage in the end (hooray). This one is a child who can sing beautifully. She lives with a mean "foster" mom and two mean twin girls who make her do all the chores. When a singing competition comes up, she is made to teach the twins a song (they bellow it very badly) and to sew them beautiful, new dresses. When she sneaks to the competition later, of course, she is overheard singing and wins the competition.

I have now spoiled it for you by telling you the entire story and the ending. That's not a good review practice, I know. Somehow I'm pretty sure none of my readers is itching to race to the bookstore this minute to buy this children's book. I liked the book, was glad it had no handsome prince, and the illustrations were nicely done. You may race out and buy it if you wish.

I did decide to finish reading Major Pettigrew's Last Stand (see last post; I was stuck and wondering if I should give up). I like the book but am making very slow progress -- am still not done.

Meanwhile, I have discovered that Little Free Library stewards have a Facebook page of our own - for stewards, of which I am one. It has been fun to get some inspiration and ideas from other stewards, and to see an array of beautifully designed and/or painted LFLs. I am eager to install a bench near "mine" (ours - it belongs to our church) this spring.

And next time I travel, I am going to make whoever is driving STOP so I can visit other LFLs. (Recently I was too timid to make the driver stop when I really, really wanted to. Never again!)

and the last one has... drum roll.... a GIRAFFE on it!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pix of the LFSs! I am such a fan. I probably donate more than I borrow, but that's okay, too. Hapoy Friday!

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to say LFLs. And Happy Friday.

BrendaLou said...

Carol, anytime we are together we MUST stop at any and all LFL's!!!!! I love them, I love the books (and I, too, am guilty of donating more than I borrow!!!), I love the creativity of the Little Library buildings and more. Long Live LFL

Anonymous said...

I was happy to see a LFL by my apartment building. It appeared to be well used too. I didn't take anything, but I have put magazines in it when I finish them. (Most of my books come from the public library, but I have a few to read and then add later.) Alas, it is now down, having broken off the post.

Carol E. said...

BL, yes! We must visit some LFLs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with donating more than you borrow. The stewards need the help! Knit: so sorry your neighborhood LFL is gone. I hope it wasn't vandalism.