Thursday, December 31, 2015

Friday Books: The Best of 2015

I am posting this on Thursday, since Friday is the beginning of a new year, and I don't have a finished book to review (working on one, but not ready).

I decided to list the 5-star books that I read in 2015. I would recommend any of these for adult readers. I will also announce what I thought was the best of the best.. my favorite 5-star book of 2015.

There were only six books that received a 5-star rating from me this year. I am careful with those 5 stars.. I don't give them out willy nilly...but to be honest, I was surprised I had only six this year. I hope I find more 5-star books in 2016.

My 2015 5-star books:
After Long Silence by Helen Fremont
The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville
Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver (2nd time reading for me)
The Secret River by Kate Grenville
So B.It by Sarah Weeks (a young adult book - recommended for both adults and young adults)
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (3rd or 4th reading for me)

My favorite 5-star book of 2015 was The Secret River by Kate Grenville, with her other book, The Lieutenant, coming in as a very close second. I discovered her when I was about to travel to Australia, and I wanted to read a book about Australia, preferably related to their history. Wow, did I ever get lucky. Both books fulfilled my wish to read something related to their history (she did extensive research, and The Secret River is based on her own family stories). She is a fabulous writer!! Both books were excellent, and I still think of them, even months after having read them. I hope more Americans will enjoy reading this wonderful Australian author's works.

Looking forward to lots of good reading in 2016! I shall try to continue posting reviews on as many Fridays as I can manage.


Anonymous said...

I must have read your earlier reviews: I went to add the top two to my to-read list on Goodreads and found they were already there.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year.

Carol E. said...

knitnkwilt, I hope you find time to read something by Kate Grenville this year. goodnight, Happy New Year to you, too. I hope you and your household are feeling better and stronger every day!

Betty said...

I am surprised to find a reader that is so aligned to my reading interests. My all-time favourite is "The Poisonwood Bible", followed closely by "The Secret River". I adore both books and in this new year, I am determined to re-read both of them. I recognize that I really connect with the theme of mothers who are trying to protect their children while also being a supportive wife. A difficult challenge in many cases- impossible when the husband is like Nathan Price. This name is a household word for me. He was the epitome of arrogance.
You will also enjoy "Searching for the Secret River", the story of writing "The Secret River". And, you must read the follow-up book from "The Secret River" - "Sarah Thornhill". Sarah is Sal and Will's youngest child. Didn't you love Sal?
How great to remember those great books! Happy New Year!