Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Down Under, Chapter 5

I was the lucky one at the Gold Coast: I got to play while Hubby worked, although a couple of times I did stay in his booth while he was away, so I could answer questions [look stupid] in his absence.

Here's some of what I did: visited an aboriginal culture center. Interesting! It backed up to this national park. A person can do a self-guided tour, reading the sign posts which explain historical and cultural facts about the aboriginal people from that area. A guided tour is also available. I didn't get to stay long, because I read one sign, took a rock footpath down to the beach, and fell on both my knees. They were quite sore, and I could only hobble around, so I had to grab a taxi back to the hotel. (I was fine by the next morning.)
above: little holes, with sand spit out from below, are made by little crabs which are bright blue.
below: indentations are made by sting rays! I was told they come up to the beach to sleep. I never heard of that before, but you can clearly see the indentation and tail mark... so it must be true.

below: kangaroo pelt at the aboriginal center. Surprisingly soft!

I went to the beach every day for three days. Each time the waves were bigger. You can see that our string of perfect weather continued. On the last day it got cloudy and rained a bit, but not while I was at the beach.

I went to Q1 Tower's observation floor to look down upon Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, and just the long, long stretch of beautiful beach. It's amazing!
This was the end of our fabulous stay in Australia! Next thing was a flight to Auckland, New Zealand! Below, a pretty floor in the Brisbane, Australia airport:

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