Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Books: Don't Give Up!

Please don't give up on me. I am still reading! I have had a two-week slump in my reading appetite, but I'm back at it and hope to have a review for you again next Friday, November 21.

Meanwhile, you can get some early Christmas or Hanukkah shopping done - why not buy someone a book?? Visit your local Independent Bookstore and pull out that holiday wad of cash you've been waiting to spend!

This is the library I frequented from age 12 until I went off to college. When this photo was taken, the building was for sale. It has since sold. It will be ... I don't know ... a retail place, I think.

This is the current library in the same town. It was built after I moved away, so I have never been a regular there. Now when I visit town, however, I go in to check out the Friends of the Library book sales. I've picked up some excellent books to put in the Little Free Library at church, and supported a "real" library at the same time.

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